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Pose: Serendipity: magda. *sponsor* (Serendipity TDSF ( October 14 - November 4, 2017)
Serendipity: memories... *sponsor* (SerendipityREDEUX Event (October 14 - October 21)

Eyes: zs Evil within eyes *sponsor* (Zombie SuicideBLACK FAIR 2017 - october 6 - 20th

Clothes +Psycho Barbie+ Trick or Treat *sponsor* ( +Psycho Barbie+) The Darkness Chamber Fair Event (Opens on the 11th of October)

Hair:  #Foxy - Cattitude.  #Foxy

Shoes: KOKORO<3PEACHES - Spikes + Fishnet Sock  *sponsor* (KOKORO<3PEACHESThe Darkstyle Fair (TDSF)

Accesories: KOKORO<3PEACHES - Anywhere Pins *sponsor* KOKORO<3PEACHES
TS Bat Bento Ears w/Anim *sponsor* (TamagosenbeiPanic of Pumpkin 2017
TS Goblin Fingers (gacha) *sponsor* (TamagosenbeiPanic of Pumpkin 2017

Tattoo: -[TWC]- Inner Universe -The White Crow -

bay city_002photo

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